Family Testimony

Twins Home Safe

Falling pregnant naturally with identical twins was something that we never plan but were blessed with. Our first pregnancy journey ended with our little girl, Sierra waiting for us in heaven as she was too premature to continue to live at 23 weeks. We were hoping that our next pregnancy journey would be an easier one but God knows best and blessed us with two bundle of joy!

The pregnancy journey was scary due to the past trauma. Everything seemed to be going alright until my water broke too early and ended up delivering the boys at 29 weeks.

We were happy yet very scared as to what the plan will be now. The closest hospital that could handle them is 2 and a half hour away from home as we came from New South Wales. We only got husband’s family which is still far in NSW to help us around in Gold Coast and my family all the way back in homeland, Malaysia.

When we were at loss, as if God had planned it all nicely for us, the social worker came and told us that The Mooring had just became available for us. They provided us with more than we need, from accomodation, food and transport. We are so grateful for the kindness that had been shared to us to make this journey bearable.

Julie, one of the volunteer had made sure we feel at home by keeping us updated and always checking in on us, physically and emotionally. From 6 weeks stay offered, they allowed us to stay longer due to the boys condition which needs them to stay longer. She is such a kind soul helping us through the journey.

We are now back home in NSW. Both boys are big and healthy, reaching their 6kgs soon and will be 5 months this March! This journey couldn’t have been made easier without the help from The Mooring, Julie, the GCUH staffs and the communities that never failed to provide us with comfort that we could not get as we were far from home.