The Mooring Provides Intensive Care Support on the Gold Coast

Emergency Support

In a world where the unexpected frequently happens, life can quickly turn from ordered to chaotic in a matter of moments. It is often in times like these, offers of help and support come in for the patient and their family from their local community.

However if the need requires hospitalisation, and there is a need for the patient to be relocated to hospitals facilities away from their community, anxieties rapidly escalate. Families naturally want to be with their loved ones who are facing health issues, so there are the inevitable questions like “Where do I start in finding accommodation to be nearby the facility?” “What about the strangeness of a new environment?” Where can some practical support come from in these times?

Who We Are

The Mooring is a team of trained volunteers who are working together with the Social Workers at the Gold Coast University Hospital to assist in addressing questions like these with the families of the patients in intensive care. We have 2 units available for families, as well as subsidised accommodation in comfortable motels a short distance from the hospital. We are willing to meet families when they arrive on the Coast, help them find their way around and provide some meals for them while they are staying in the area.

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